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Chirstina’s Day 17 & 18 & 19…

Good Morning!

Today is a day of catch up for me – wow it is amazing how one little change or a different demand on you and your focus throws your entire “schedule” off.  I need to be more aware of this when I am making commitments and get out of the habit where I jump into “survival” mode and throw my organized days out the window and run around putting out fires!  I am adding this to my personal page to not let me forget to…Stop, Breath, Plan, Execute and get it all done!

Day 17: Limit my sugar intake – this came at a strange time – I realized after I read this that the days prior I have been seeking out Candy – what is even more strange about it is I am not a candy eater! Every once in a while I get a hunkering for something sweet but not weeks at a time!  Hmm was this Satan setting me up – I think so!  Sugars are usually easy for me to not eat – my weakness was sodas and I have pretty much cut them from my daily routine!  So for this one “CHECK”

Day 18: Eat Reasonable Portions – Hmm this is a good one!   I have been working on this since I started to work out, but I can tell you that my working out has slowed down and so has my paying attention to my eating habits – not only what I eat but also how much I eat… it is interesting that when you get up and go walk or workout that it is like something clicks in your brain and you are wanting MORE water, you are wanting MORE good for you foods.  The correlation that I have begun to see is when we treat our bodies badly we crave “comfort, not so good for you food” but when you are taking care of your body it is happy and looking for the “comfort, yep I am good for you food” – a change I have made is the amount of pasta I allow myself to eat in one sitting – and I have not been finishing the plate – I also when at home have been substituting a wheat pasta in and it has not been so bad – So for this one “CHECK” (but can always continue to improve)

Day 19: Plan Ahead for Healthier Eating – I sat down with my son Tucker and told him we are going back to weekly menus – I loved it when I know ahead of time what I was making for dinner and could have it ready early – I love looking forward to the meal of the day.  He agreed and this weekend we are starting so that Monday on we have a meal plan.  Getting my family to eat healthier is going to be a challenge but I need to set the example and not only slowly introduce more healthy choices but also eat healthier daily – so at dinner I might not eat exactly what they are but have more veggies on my plate and slowly serve them up more too :o)  Will this Ninja move work?  Only God knows right now but I know he is on my side so maybe he will blur their vision at dinner time :o)

Dear Jesus… thank you for being so patient on me getting my posting in – I have been reading but keeping up with the notes was something I let fall through the cracks.  Jesus I want to stay close to you, in your word, in the path you want me to take, and in the business I do each day.  Lord you are my CEO not only in VA-a-GoGo but in my life as well and I pray to hear you when we have our daily “production” meetings.  Thank you for the strength to deal with my house and all of the work entailed to get it ready for painting – it is beautiful! Thank you for being by my side for the “paint emergency” and helping to get that resolved – you are truly great and I appreciate it!  Jesus, thank you for the continued healing of Alicia – it is amazing and she is so happy, please stay close to her in the times of weaning off all of these medications, they are taking a toll on her body and Satan is trying to pull back in to being unable to do things and using pain to control her – I know you will turn your head and snap that hold he is trying to have on her.  Thank you for her family in NJ being safe during the storms – we love them so!  Lord I pray you hold Kevin’s big shoulders in this time of transition after the election – times are uncertain but we know in your word that “fear” is the tool of Satan and today I lift our country and its people to you Lord to protect and comfort – but most importantly I lift up our guiding governmental leaders for you to guide them and “PUSH” them into doing right by the people THEY SERVE, don’t let them forget for any minute that they work for US and the betterment of our country, people and lives – you have given us all of these great gifts in this world I pray we will work our best ALL OF US to be great stewards of them.  IN YOUR NAME AMEN!