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Alicia’s Days 85-90: Finishing Strong

The last week of the study really got here before I knew it. In weeks one and two it was as if the final week would never arrive, but as we worked through each week, one at a time, it did. Reflecting back on the past weeks of this study reveal that my focus and my life is different than it was when we began. Praise God!This week’s lessons are meant as a way to teach you how to bridge the gap between the study and the rest of your life… ways to ensure and encourage that you stay strong in the Lord until your time comes to leave this earth. How is this accomplished? Read on…

  1. Healthy Aging – eat right, drink plenty of water, get sunshine and exercise, sleep the right amount each night, have a pet, help others, work on friendships and a happy marriage – these are just SOME of the tips that Donna Partow shared on her “longevity list”. Nothing on here sounds hard, but many of the things require dedication and willpower – BUT they are definitely worth it to help our bodies to remain strong no matter how long God desires for us to be on earth to do His work.
  2. Caleb Heart – Read about and learn about Christians that have served the Lord into their 80’s and beyond. My grandmother, Mommom Alice, was such a good example of this to me. When the pastors of our local church came to meet with her at my home while she was on hospice, she took the opportunity to share HER testimony with them. She did God’s work – even when she was bedridden – until she drew her final breath. The author asked us to write a vivid description of the woman we want to be at 85 – I already have that just it is not written – it is emblazoned on my heart and mind to be what my grandmother taught me to be. Although not perfect, for she was human, she set an EXCELLENT example of a Proverbs 31 woman and servant of God all the days of her life. When she was taken home, I KNOW she heard the words “Well done, Good and Faithful Servant.”
  3. Encourage and Strengthen Yourself – This is where encouraging Christian music, sermon broadcasts, and podcasts can be extremely helpful to us. Listening to this type of encouragement each and every day will strengthen you and keep you encouraged no matter what you may face in your days to come. Click here to listen to the same encouraging music that Christina and I listen to each day as we are working. 🙂 We pray it is encouraging to you as well.
  4. Be Determined to Finish Well – This is a major part of again well and becoming the woman you want to be later in life. Determination. When you are determined that you are going to finish well, and serve the Lord all your days, you have a better chance of that happening. We can do amazing things when we put our minds to it. What have you done today that you really did not feel like doing? Laundry, a Soccer Game in the Evening, Mopping the Kitchen – Doing them despite the fact that you would rather be doing something else is using your determination. I KNOW you can do it!

Age well, stay strong, keep encouraged, and finish well my friends – the journey is worth it… For one day you will wake up in heaven and hear the words “Well done, Good and Faithful Servant. Welcome home!”