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Alicia’s Days 55 & 56: Weekly Checkup & Reflection

Well, I fell off the regular daily postings wagon, but I hope to fix that soon. 🙂 I have still being doing my TAG each day, but the posts have gotten pushed aside for online work. Shame on me! BUT, God doesn’t want me to feel bad about it, so I will get it caught up and move forward. Not worth stressing about the past…

Dear Lord I Pray…

Here is my prayer based on Proverbs 31:24-25:


Help me to use the talents You’ve given me to earn extra income for our family. I want to help and not hinder our finances since You have made me well again and I am physically able to do so. Help me to know everything will be okay, no matter what happens because You are in control and have led me to set up the right streams of income.

In Jesus’ Name,

Weekly Checkup: Reflecting on this week, I feel I improved in many of the areas I was struggling with – maybe not completely – but it was better than the previous week. I am still struggling with the snooze button in the morning, and my tackle list was ignored, BUT I did get closer to a normal daytime routine – I just need to add some exercise and write my posts here each day and I should be back on track. My evening routine could use a bit of work, though – especially that part about getting to bed on time. 😉

Weekly Cumulative Memory Verse Reflection: I feel I am doing fairly well with this, even though the passage has grown to be quite lengthy. I only missed one word and it was in this week’s memory verse… For some reason, I could not remember the word GARMENTS in the “She makes linen garments and sells them” part.

Weekly Evaluation:

    1. I feel God is urging me to work smarter, not harder this week. I feel as if this applies to setting up multiple streams of income as well – however, I know that God wants me to be selective with this.
    2. I am doing well focusing on the Fruits of the Spirit this past week. Self-Control is the big one I struggle with – in regards to eating, drinking soda, and going to bed on time.
    3. During TAG, as I was reading the lessons from this week, I feel that a common theme kept coming to mind. BE SELECTIVE – even in setting up multiple streams of income, this is important. Not every stream of income is right for every person. I need to choose the ones that allow me to use my talents the best.
    4. Priorities/Goals I focused on were sticking to my AM Routine, including TAG time. I think I did well with this this week – a big improvement over last week.
    5. Priorities/Goals neglected would definitely include my PM Routine – I got caught up with work and things going on at home and totally got off track.
    6. The new thing I learned this week is not really new, but was a well-timed reminder of how amazing the ladies on my team for work are and how blessed I am to know them and work with them each day. God’s hand was definitely involved in bringing us all together.

My Goals and Priorities to Focus on for next week – I could use prayer on these:

  • Continue focusing on my AM Routine
  • Add exercise 3-5 days a week
  • PM Routine – which begins as soon as my youngest child gets home from school and continues until bedtime
  • In bed on time
  • NO snoozing in the AM