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Alicia’s Day 7: Reflect, Respond, & Plan

One week done already? It went fast, but I feel like I have made some amazing progress in just these past few days. Well, I haven’t made this progress alone – it happened ONLY with God’s help and the support of my accountability partner Christina. Thank you Lord for this!

The book had some awesome questions to help with reflection and planning for the next week of the study. Here are the questions (paraphrased/summarized) along with my responses…

1. Am I listening for and hearing God’s voice? What is he saying?

I feel like the commitment to TAG is helping to ground me and connect me better to God. This time helps my mind to feel settled and calm, which gives my heart and ears a chance to listen for and hear God.

2. Am I manifesting the fruit of the Spirit? What is encouraging & what needs prayer?

I am encouraged by the way love, patience, kindness, goodness & gentleness manifested in my life this week. I feel as if I was calmer, more level-headed, allowing these fruits to show.

I need prayer for the fruits of joy, peace, faithfulness, and self control. Joy and peace kind of go together and it’s difficult for me to find peace and joy on the days that I’m hurting really badly. When I’m stressed, it’s difficult remember to be faithful to God and his desires and show self- control. My temper can still get the best of me, but I’m working on it.

3. What did God teach me this week?

God revealed to me what my secret sin was and helped me to be able to figure out how to fight against it.

4. Which priorities did I live by and which goals did I pursue?

My priorities this week we’re making a commitment to TAG and trying to stick to it, as well as build my accountability with Christina through blogging. My goals this past week were to focus on positivity as well as daily affirmation and to keep working on my Bible memory verse.

5. Were any priorities or goals neglected?

I feel as if I could have used my power tools and accountability with Christina a bit better. When I am struggling with difficulty or a stressful time I need to call on my accountability partner for some prayer and support.

6. What new thing did I learn?

This would definitely be regarding my secret sin of negative “whisperings” regarding things I can’t do and how to handle this self-doubt and negative thoughts.

7. What are my specific goals and priorities for the coming week?

(1) Go to bed earlier, so I can wake up earlier for TAG; (2) When I’m having a difficult time or stressful moment, ask for help and try not to handle it all on my own; (3) Complete weekend Bible study time instead of just taking the weekend off; (4) Say the affirmations out loud everyday; and (5) Let my family help me with my memory verse recitation.

I love this goal planning… Another way to help me stay grounded to and focused on God. I am looking forward to more amazing-ness in week two of this study!


  1. Great breakdown! Love how you separated each item to focus on it more! I want to set up goals too and share them with you! HUGS

  2. My logical-minded brain likes the breakdowns. LOL. It helps keep me organized and on-track. 🙂