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Alicia’s Day 64: I Love My Husband

I want to become the wife God wants me to be, even if that means stepping out of my comfort zone, even if that means changing things about me, even if that means asking my husband what he wants me to change about my demeanor.
That’s exactly what this lesson was about and you should have seen the look on my husband face when I asked him to review the list! Priceless!

These are the things I know I need to work on (from the list of things that almost all men like):
– staying organized so my husband to come home to a well organized home
– be cheerful when he gets home despite what’s going on
– re-establish and keep our family routine

Regarding the list of things that almost all men dislike, I think I am doing okay in that area. I don’t disrespect Kevin even when I disagree with him. I try not to complain or nag – to the point where his mom fussed at me for not nagging him enough! Lol. I do not verbally abuse him, although we do have a fun back and forth banter going – we enjoy lots of laughs together as a result, but people who don’t know us think that when you’re being mean to each other sometimes. I don’t think I talk any subject to death but he might have a different opinion on that – will have to see as he didn’t give me his answers yet. 🙂 I don’t feel that I need validation for the things I do, but I do like when he tells me that he appreciate something or enjoys the new meal that I cooked. I can’t take things too personally because of the way we’re always joking with each other or I’d be mad all the time! The forgive and forget part… forgiving is easier than forgetting, but Kevin makes that easy. He does so much to make our lives pleasant – and my life happy one – that there’s nothing I can really hold against him.

Now, if he comes back and tells me there are some things on the dislike list that I’m doing… I would be happy to work on those. 🙂