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Alicia’s Day 59: Cleaning Caddies AHOY!

Alicia’s Day 59: Cleaning Caddies AHOY!

Well, the real title was “Get Equipped for a Clean House” – but I’m a little bit silly and a while lot nerdy, so “Cleaning caddies AHOY” it is!

Praise God that I have enough blessings to make all the messes that need to be cleaned – even that little ornery dog that likes to leave me “presents” on the carpet for me to find in the morning is a blessing in his own way. 🙂 Despite his presents, his PRESENCE is a comfort to me and he is a good little buddy.

Nutters - Looks cute and innocent but likes to leave me "presents" on the carpet...

Nutters – Looks cute and innocent but likes to leave me “presents” on the carpet…

So, how to keep this house clean? The author suggested a caddy system – what a great idea!

As soon as I finished reading my Bible study, that is exactly what I do (those are my caddies at the top of this page).

Yes, there is at least one product up there that contains bleach and at least one that contains aerosol – I want to use those up before I make a switch to less harmful products. Although the author suggested tossing that stuff, the “waste-not-want-not” mentality taught to me by my depression-era grandmother is deep-rooted. I certainly don’t want to be made sick by these items, so I will make sure to open some windows and have proper ventilation when using them. Once they are gone, I will switch to something earth-friendlier and chemically safer.

I didn’t buy new caddies – I had one already (the black one in the middle). The other two “caddies” are actually mobile file organization containers that were sitting empty in the garage – so they were recruited into my cleaning mission. They were perfect! Tall, roomy, and when the top is closed, they have a handle. WooHoo!

Ok – this mission is complete and I am all ready for tomorrow’s lesson… I can’t wait to see what it will bring!


  1. Cleaning Caddy Carrying women unite! LOL your caddies are perfect and I cannot wait to see pictures of your “cleaning assistants” hard at work! You Go Girl!

    • Thanks Christina 🙂