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Alicia’s Day 57: Identify Household Trouble Spots

Alicia’s Day 57: Identify Household Trouble Spots

I love how this lesson started out. Close to the beginning, I read:

20% of your house creates 80% of your problems!

This is sooooo true! Off the top of my head, I could name two trouble spots within seconds – the high counter in my kitchen and the top of my dresser!Even though I knew those were my hot spots, I still did as Donna Partow suggested and blocked my house out into 10 zones. My 20% that are causing 80% of the problems and time wasters for cleaning time are {1} Our kitchen and {2} Our Master Suite.

For the kitchen, the main trouble spots are my husband’s desk and the high counter that wraps around my sink. Those two spots are clutter areas – and we all are guilty of cluttering them up. The kitchen “disaster” is further compounded by the fact that our electric dishwasher is currently broken… again… and we don’t want to spend the money to repair it right now – so the dishes tend to pile up higher than I am comfortable with.

In the master suite (bedroom and bathroom), things pile up when I am too tired or too busy to do a 2-minute job or put something away. There are some days, where the end of the day comes and I am exhausted, so my bedroom and bathroom are sorely neglected. My laundry can often be found laying on top of my dresser instead of being neatly put away inside it. That housekeeper is going to get fired! Oh wait! THAT’S ME!

There really is not anything for me to organize in these areas because they have both recently undergone a major overhaul and cleaning out. It all boils down to getting back on my afternoon/evening routine (where there is a focus on cleaning and laundry and family things) and do what I need to do. The areas are already highly organized – it is just me being lazy. Hmmmm…. if my children ever knew… LOL.

Oh, before I forget…

Here is the memory verse image for this week:

proverbs 31 study week 9 memory versePrint away and post away! Happy memorization!