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Alicia’s Day 46: Modesty

MODESTY. The author was ON FIRE about this topic today – just by reading her words, I could tell she feels very strongly about this topic. Although I do not agree with skirts looking better than pants (for me), I do agree that we, as children of God, need to dress accordingly. As Donna Partow said,

“When it comes to clothing, more is MORE.”

I think my Mommom (“Alice the Great” as she was named by my young niece) did an amazing job passing down her opinion on modesty, but she did so without ever saying a word. She did it by living it – and dressing how she felt God would want her to every day of her life. So, I learned a lot of “quirks” about clothing as a result. Lol. Here are my clothing “rules”:

  • I never wear shorts out shopping or to a restaurant, even if it is 100 degrees out – Capris it is instead.
  • My “mini” skirts are not so mini – they are either brushing the top of my knee or come to mid-calf.
  • I don’t wear low-cut tops or anything that has a collar that is too loose – some of that is from Mommom, but some is because I was an elementary school teacher. Little boys and low-cut shirts make for a less-than-appropriate situation, plus it is not a good example for the little girls either.
  • I don’t wear anything snug fitting – Tight things are not comfortable to me and I have never liked to attract attention to myself (Yes, I used to be very very shy!)
  • No heels – OUCH is all that goes through my head when I think of them – plus I am already tall (again – I don’t like to attract attention)! Lol.
  • When I do wear skirts around the house, it is always long ones (although, being tall, they are never as long as I would like)!
  • I could care less what the “in” fashions are or what is on the cover of a fashion magazine – it is a great money savings! 😉
  • Bathing Suits – ALWAYS one piece or tank-ini and NEVER a bikini, not even in my backyard. Oh, and I wear a cover-up when I am not in the water.
  • I do like spandex/knit yoga-style pants, but only for around the house, exercising, and running to the grocery store AND I always have a big shirt on with them.
  • jeansI prefer jeans and a comfy top over just about anything else (although Mommom NEVER wore jeans as long as I knew her).

Wow! I have more “rules” about clothing than I thought! I really have never sat down and thought about it like this before. They developed over time as part of a life style – encouraged by Mommom’s example, added to because of my career choice, and honed out of the need for comfort while battling RA for 7 years. There you go – more about Alicia and her clothes than you ever wanted to know! Christina, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself in to! LOL.