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Alicia’s Day 45: Purging My Personal Items

Alicia’s Day 45: Purging My Personal Items

I just realized that I forgot to share the memory verse this week – Yikes! So, here goes (feel free to print this out and hang it up wherever  you need 🙂 ):

proverbs 31 study week 7 memory verse

Today’s lesson was about purging personal items, such as makeup, toiletries, purses, belts, scarves, and jewelry. This was not too bad for me today, although the jewelry box was the most challenging aspect of today’s “homework.” All I have to say is: “WOW! My Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish Family Roots are showing today!”

Makeup – I don’t wear any on a regular basis and I have very sensitive skin, so I just keep a small set of cosmetics for when they are needed and if they are over a year old, I throw them out anyway because they will break out my face and make me incredibly itchy!

Skincare/Haircare – I just have a few items that I use regularly because they {1} work and {2} don’t make me have an allergic reaction – so I checked through them and there were only a few bottles of things that I am currently using, so I was good to go in this department.

Purses – Only have 2 – one I am using and one as a backup.

Belts – Only have one.

Hats – NONE – I hate hats.

Scarves – Only one of those too – now on to jewelry!

Jewelry – the main area where my jewelry box was out of control was because I have several items that are family heirlooms from family that has passed on. Nostalgia gets me all the time – I am very sentimental. So my box was full of stuff I wasn’t wearing but could not part with. Creating a “Nostalgia Box” was a brilliant idea (thank you Donna Partow!) I slimmed down to one jewelry box with just a few items in each section – SO FREEING! Here is what my jewelry box looks like now (I wish I remembered to take pics BEFORE):