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Alicia’s Day 44: My Ideal Weight

“Your ideal weight is the healthiest weight you can maintain while leading a sustainable lifestyle.”

~ Donna Partow

I love this quote! I feel it encourages us to live our lives, eat healthily (with a little cake, ice cream, or fast food once in a while), and enjoy who you are. It helps me to feel that God wants us to be comfortable in who we are and be content at a weight that we are comfortable with.

For me, my current weight is the weight I am comfortable with. I have been as light as 128 – and I look sickly. I have been as heavy as 180 after having my second child and was uncomfortable and couldn’t find any clothes that fit me how I wanted. Right now, I am in the middle of those – around 150. Some days, 148, others 152ish. I fit in size 8-10 jeans and I am content with how I look (except that I want to work towards a little more muscle tone).

Using the guide that was in the book, I am 5′ 9″ (69″) tall. To maintain a “normal” BMI, I need to be between 128 and 162 pounds.

Since I have a medium to large frame with broad shoulders, I know that 128 pounds is way too thin for me, but I am not comfortable with being 162 pounds either. The smack middle between 128 and 162 is 145.7 pounds – which is where I ideally would like to be, but I am content to stay around 150. Although, since my exercise is starting to pick up for the first time in 7 years, I will not cry if I lose a few pounds and get down to around 145.


  1. This is great Alicia – how empowering. I am so happy you feel good about where you are – that is an awesome place to be! I am not so far off from where I want to be, I just need to start taking action LOL. 5’9″ I would have never guessed – shows you what little you really know about someone when you are connecting through Skype and pictures of us always sitting!

  2. I am sneaky like that! LOL. Being tall has its burdens – like pants that are never long enough – and BIG FEET! My daughters bear this burden also. 😛 It IS hard to tell how tall we are when we are always sitting.