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Alicia’s Day 43: My Core Color

I have looked into wearing the right colors many years ago and ascertained I was a “winter” – so cool blues and purples (if I am remembering correctly) would look best on me. Over the years, I have opted more for what is comfortable and affordable, rather than what falls into my right color category. However, I have always been drawn to blacks, blues, and purples, so most of my wardrobe consists of those.

In reviewing the core color guidelines from today’s lesson, I found that since I have dark hair and dark eyes, that my ideal core color is black. Bonus! I have lots of black in my closet and dresser. So, to purge, I went through and pulled out all the brown things, and pale greens, and navy blues. There really was not that much to pull out, but I noticed that that few items that I did pull were things I really did not wear that much anyway – when it was time to get dressed, I was not “drawn” to those items. According to the author, there is a good reason for that. Those items definitely were not my colors, so I didn’t feel as “pretty” in them. 😉

I love the simplicity of this wardrobe guideline. Based on hair and eyes, one MAIN color to wear – just one – so easy.


  1. Wow you are certainly ahead of me on this one – I have to take EVERYTHING out of my closet and start over when putting it back! Great job on getting this done. I have Brown hair that lightens in the summer and darkens in the winter – My ideal color will be Brown though I tend to lean to black like you. BUT I love to wear splashes of color like a bright melon in a top, with black pants of course LOL.

    I am so inspired by you getting this completed – I am going to send you pics while I am dealing with my overhaul of my closet!

  2. I can’t wait to see your closet overhaul! It was only easy for me to get the closet done because it has been scaled down for years. When I was teaching, I had TON of wrong-colors and cutesy jumpers – they were perfect for my job and I wore them to church as well. But, when I stopped working and was not able to go to church (goodness, it has been 5 years – I need to get back on track with that), I had to thin things out. Now I just have the bare minimum I need in my closet. My dresser… lots of jeans, sweats, and yoga pants with t-shirts – YIKES! I know there are some fashion divas out there that would love to redo my wardrobe! LOL.