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Alicia’s Day 34: Weekly Checkup

I got a little behind in my posts but today is my day to catch up. 🙂 I’m just glad I didn’t get behind on my readings.

For this week’s check-up, I’m going to start with sharing my version of Proverbs 31:18-19 as a scripture-based prayer:


I pray that you will continue to be the “CEO” of my home and my business, so that both can profit in your blessings.  Lord, help me to finish tasks before bed, staying up late when needed, but help me to always feel well rested.  Thank you for continually providing me all the tools I need for your word, the bible.  Help me to remember always that it is the User’s Manual for my life.
In Jesus’ name,

The past couple weeks we’ve been fighting with a round the family colds going through the house, so I’ve got into some bad habits.  The things I feel a need to work on the most are:

  • Completing a study everyday including the post
  • Saying no to the snooze button
  • Following my morning routine and resisting the urge to map
  • Prayer walking and exercising
  • Drinking cleansing a lemon water and enhanced water on a regular basis
  • Skipping the evening snack

Please pray for me during the coming week so I will be able to focus on these bad habits and get back on track.

If you have a prayer need please visit our Prayer Requests Page and we will pray for you. 🙂