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Alicia’s Day 31 – Late but RIGHT ON TIME…

After day 30 of this study, I got off track. Part of it was the Thanksgiving holiday and the rest of it was because we were passing around a terrible virus in my home last week. Lots of sickness and lots of Mommy getting out of her routine. 🙁

But, this week is a new week and God’s timing is always PERFECT! This post may be way later than it should be, but God makes good of the bad and you will not believe His timing on this one… Let me explain…

Over the past two weeks, my husband and I have been discussing cutting back in many areas of our lives – financial, grocery, and the stuff we have accumulated over the past 9 years we have been together. We have taken some steps towards this goal:

  • We started meal planning again and cooking ahead – it is sooooo nice to have weeks worth of meals in the freezer at any given time!
  • Also, money is really tight for us this time of year with Christmas around the corner, so we thought it would be a great time to sell my comic book collection that I accumulated during college. We took them to a comic book store to be told that they could not buy them because they were “not from a good comic book era” – LOL. After that happened, we considered selling them at the flea market but did not know what else we could sell along with them…
  • We have our garage with some of this “stuff” and then we have an entire large-size storage facility space that we rent each month for about $60. With trying to cut back, this seemed like a good place to start – and we just discussed this YESTERDAY!
  • We also discussed weeding out some of the items that the kids are not using and making them “disappear” as well.

Then, TODAY, I was able to get back into the Proverbs 31 study – and what is it about? GIVING AWAY YOUR STUFF! Praise God! I was behind in my study, but I am right on track with God, He had to work on my heart and mind (and the heart and mind of my husband) BEFORE I could read this lesson. So now, all our thoughts and planning for cutting back and trimming down make total sense – and we already have much of the planning done.

We have even planned a strategy for finding more storage space in our home – UNDER THE STAIRS:

Here’s the hole in the wall in my front hallway… There are about 16 square feet (that is 1.5 feet tall) inside, plus the sloped area under the lower set of stairs.

Here is what we hope the inside will look like when we are done:

Thank you Lord for bringing this all together for us – into a plan to cut back, conserve our resources, and give to others who need it. Only You, Father, could make this happen as perfectly as it has!