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Alicia’s Day 30 – Making the Most of Your Days

Today, the lesson discussed a very interesting principle, the Pareto Principle. It is also called the 80/20 Rule. In business, it simply refers to the fact that 20% of the employees generate 80% of the profit OR 20% of the customers give a business 80% of its income. Donna Partow applied this principle to the life of a woman seeking to become a Proverbs 31 Woman. It was an interesting way to put a name on something that my husband and I have discussed for years in regards to the kids’ toys, our clothing and other “stuff” we have accumulated, as well as the amount of effort I put into my business.

I tend to lean toward being a perfectionist – and I have to admit that it is VERY stressful and can wear me down easily! Using the 80/20 Rule can help me in so many ways – from business… to family… to cleaning and more. By using this rule, you can simplify your life and alleviate some stress from your days. I am applying this rule to several things, starting with my to-do list. There are 10 items on there – rather than being overwhelmed by all 10 things, choose the two that are the most important to complete and do them first. Seemed easy enough and it was. It did seem to help me get more of my work to-do list completed today.  I had a feeling it would work. 😉 I applied this to my housework today too… the kitchen floor was sticky from a pitcher of juice spilled yesterday so that was my number one and my daughter was sick last night and slept n the living room near my room, so straightening up her sleeping items was number two. Once those were done, I did feel as if I had accomplished something today and it kept me motivated to get some of the other things on my list done today, too!

I am still working it out in my mind of how to apply this to my business. The author recommended listing your top ten customers, then choosing the top two – NOT the two you like the best, but the two that bring you the most profit. I can accomplish this by focusing on those two client’s projects FIRST, then start pecking away at the other tasks on my list. I LOVE the simplicity of this rule. It seems so easy that its odd I never heard of it before today. Lol. My children are a little scared though… they heard me say that I can apply this to their toys… they aren’t sure what will be missing after this weekend. 😀

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  1. Great job at putting the rule to work already – I look forward to sharing lists and seeing where we focusing to better ourselves and each other!