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Alicia’s Day 29 -Working Hard and Using the Right Tools

Alicia’s Day 29 -Working Hard and Using the Right Tools

Here we are in Week FIVE already! It is going fast and I am excited about all there is left to learn. 🙂

The Proverbs 31 Woman:

  • Was Profitable in the way she used her investments of time and money
  • Was Hard Working, working long hours when it was necessary
  • Had The Right Tools and used them wisely

Here is the memory verse image you can download, print and use this week:

Using the example set forth in Proverbs 31, the focus for this week  in the study is managing ourselves, our families, and our household effectively – while keeping in mind that tomorrow and a year from now are not guaranteed, so we need to make the most of TODAY.

I really like the way that the author recommended that we get organized for each day. Her tips were easy to follow and I have a feeling that they will be very effective (She has been right about everything else already… lol). I already review my to-do-list and calendar nightly before turning out the lights. Today’s lesson just takes that and kicks it up a notch or two by adding a daily focus section, using some of the Fruits of the Spirit as the focus points. It also adds a way for you to remember the things you are grateful for – and can see them every day and each time you look at your Daily Page in your notebook (I like how she said that the NOTEBOOK is your DISTAFF and SPINDLE – It is an excellent tool that can help you every day). Also on the Daily Page we can add prayer requests – two in this instance – so we can focus our prayers each day.

If you already use Evenote, RIGHT click here and SAVE the .enex file format of my Daily Page. You can later upload this file to your Evernote; then, you can edit it with your information.


  1. Great job Alicia! I am downloading the page now and cannot wait to see it. We are doing great in this study – and I too look forward to what is next! God is blessing us not only daily but hourly too with all of this love!

    • I hope the page is a help to you. 🙂 This week’s chapter is very exciting & I am looking forward to it!