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Alicia’s Day 21 – Weekly Reflection

Today I completed the fill-in-the-blank activity for the cumulative memory verse review and I think I did well, but my oldest daughter felt the need to quiz me on it anyway. The good news is… I did it… all the verses from Proverbs 31:10-15. This is exciting for me because, as I have mentioned before, my previous attempts at Bible verse memorization as an adult have not gone as well. Thank you Lord for helping me with this! During my weekly evaluation, I discovered that I do not feel as if I have heard God’s voice as clearly this week as I have in previous weeks. I think I got caught up in the BUSY-NESS of trying to get back into my routines, as well as focusing on our food choices this week. Sadly, I think I allowed it to distract me from my evening Bible study routine. Not having this evening quiet time seemed to detract from me hearing God’s voice clearly. 🙁

As far as the fruits of the spirit go, I am encouraged by most of them this week, even self-control. I watched my food choices and turned down sweet, unhealthy choices more than once. Several times I opted for a fruit or veggie choice in lieu of a less healthy option. This is a big change for me. Over the past 7 years with fighting the RA, I pretty much ate what I felt like eating. With all the meds and pain, food was comforting. Thankfully, my appetite has been extra small for years – or this could have resulted in a huge weight gain for me. This week helped me feel like I was breaking away from my old RA Lifestyle and gave me the opportunity to start establishing new eating habits. The only Fruit of the Spirit that I need prayer over is Faithfulness this week – mainly in regards to my evening Bible Study time.

During TAG this week, I really enjoyed the quietness of my time with God. I was finally able to find a little space in my home to carve out a TAG Zone. Here are the pics of it:

In this quiet little area, I found that my oldest daughter wanted to join me and read her Bible, too – on the couple evenings that I was able to have Bible Study time. That alone makes it a worthwhile venture to work towards having this time every night. I think THAT is what God was teaching me this week – that I need to continue setting the example for the children, so that they can grow in their knowledge and faith of God as well.

Priorities and Goals that I lived by this week:

  • Practicing morning and evening routines
  • Waking up on time
  • Dinner at home, together, every night
  • Healthier food choices, eating, and portion control for myself (with suggestions to my family) – Here is a pic of my clean, although empty-ish pantry {We keep extras of items in the garage, especially after our Costco runs.}:

My evening TAG was neglected this week, so that is definitely something I want to work on for next week.

This week has been especially difficult for me as I have been trying to de-tox from my RA and pain medications. The most difficult one is the Tramadol, an opiate for pain. In my mind, I KNOW I do not need this medication – but my body is so used to 7 years of the maximum dose of this med, that I cannot just give it up “cold turkey.” I have experienced the harsh withdrawal symptoms this week of brain-crunching headaches, chills, feeling yucky all over, and downright grumpiness with Kevin and the kids (who definitely do not deserve to be treated this way). I read online this week that many people need to be admitted to a rehab center to get over withdrawal to this medication, but abandoning my family is not feasible at this time, so I have opted to step down from the meds slowly. I have reduced from 6 pills per day to 3 – which is an improvement. SO, What does this have to do with God? Everything! The only way I have made it this far is with God’s aid and tons of prayer – from me and my friends and family. Although it has been difficult, it would have been impossible without God’s help. Thank you Father for all the progress that I have made because of You!

Okay… so as I reach the end of my weekly reflection, it is time to set my specific priorities and goals for next week. So, here goes…

For next week, I want to work on the following priorities and goals:

  • Evening Bible Study (TAG) EVERY Night
  • 6:30 am wake-up on the weekends rather than sleeping in
  • Begin planning for “Once-a-Month” cooking to fit into a “Weekly Shopping Budget” – I think that “Once-a-WEEK Cooking” might be the better option for us with our budget restrictions

Day 22 – Week FOUR starts tomorrow! WOOHOO on how far we have come! I am looking forward to the changes that week four will bring. I pray that your day and upcoming week are blessed ones!


  1. Wow Alicia I love your TAG place! Great job and so great to hear your family is starting to join you. I too look forward to week four, Day 22… this is great. I am praying for you and the relief of your headaches… through prayer we can conquer and having more than just you pray shares the word with Jesus… God has worked miracles in your life, the headache is the next hurdle – it is a challenge from Satan to push you to give up on waiting for God, and a bit of a test from God as well to check your will. We will make it together – your family, friends and your virtual sista are here for you! HUGS!!!!

    • Thank you for your prayers my sweet friend. ((hugs)) It is tempting to give up when hard times sneak up, but praise God for praying friends & amazing accountability sisters!