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Alicia’s Day 20 – Pray and Review

Today’s activity was to rewrite Proverbs 31:14-15 in prayer form. I really love this activity. 🙂

Here is my prayer:

Lord, grant me the wisdom and energy to bring my family good, healthy, real foods… even if it is more difficult than the fast, easy, less-healthy choices. Please help me to set an example and encourage my family to make healthier choices and consume more more reasonable portions. Father, I thank you that there are TWO grocery stores closer to my home than the nearest fast food restaurant. This helps me to resist the fast food temptations as I don’t have to “bring [my] food from afar” in order to provide healthy choices for my family. Thank you Lord for all the blessings of food you have provided us.

In Jesus’ Name,


As of this morning, I still need complete the following tasks:

  • Organize the pantry – this is on my to-do list for today 🙂
  • Turn MY kitchen into a meal assembly kitchen (since none exist close to us)

Things in my routine that I need to work on:

  • I will review my personal vision statement once a week on Saturdays and I have added it to my personal notebook in Evernote
  • Evening routine, especially in regards to evening Bible study
  • Focus on NOT SNOOZING on weekends by remembering to set my alarm and GET UP when the alarm rings (rather than shutting it off and sleeping WAY longer than needed)