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Alicia’s Day 19: Meal Planning

Today’s lesson is one that we have already addressed in my house – planning meals. We use eMeals – which provides us with a dinner menu and shopping list each week based around the menu that we choose. For about $5 per month, the hard work is done for us – the planning. It is nice because when my husband texts me with “What’s for dinner?,” I have an answer for him. It helps us to stay on track with our grocery expenses, without having to go over budget by having him grab something on the way home, which often is very expensive and is not s healthy as it could be. Although… there are times we will go pick up a couple Little Caesar’s pizzas, but it is not that often. The only downside we have seen for us with eMeals is that we are only using 4-5 of the 7 provided meals each week because of food sensitivities, my husband’s diabetic needs, and general distaste for some of the ingredients/combinations that cannot be substituted (like anything with Alfredo because hubby really dislikes Alfredo). eMeals does allow us to choose a different menu if we are wanting to once per month. We just switched to the “Classic” Plan so we will see how that goes. 🙂

I checked into the suggestions in the book, “My Girlfriend’s Kitchen” is not available in SC 🙁 and “Entree Vous” appears to be out of business. However, the book “Once-a-Month Cooking” (Lagerborg & Wilson) is available at the library, so I will be heading over there when they open to check it out. Although we already have a meal plan, it can’t hurt to check out the book and see if it might be something that we can use to substitute in on the days we need it. We might amend it a little though, and do “Once a Week Cooking” instead of once a month because it would work better with our budgeting.

Another good thing about this Bible study is that it gets you to think over the things that you are doing – and evaluate them – to see if there is room for improvement. Even though we have a meal plan in place, we could use some meal supplements, so that on those “off days” we are less inclined to grab something out. Every day – a little bit of improvement – that is the path to becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman.