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Alicia’s Day 14 – Reflecting and preparing for the week to come…

I absolutely LOVE how this study handles the Sunday reading and reflection. This is so vitally important – allowing the opportunity to review the ups and downs and refocus our energies. I learned the power of reflection when I was teaching and it is obvious through this study just how important it is!

I was able to rewrite my memory verse with the fill in the blank method. I was also able to recite all 4 verses to myself without peeking :)! I am amazed by this as memorization has never been a strong skill for me. I am so excited by this!

Reflection on my weekly evaluation questions:

  • I feel like I am listening for and hearing God’s voice better now that 2 weeks ago when we began this study. I feel like my connection with God is stronger than it has ever been. I feel like God is telling me that I have been given my life back with the miraculous healing I received confirmation for this week – and I KNOW God does not want me to waste anything – not one moment, not one skill, not one thought, not one minute – NOTHING!
  • Fruits I have been encouraged with this week: Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Gentleness all seem to be in check. JOY especially has been overbounding and overflowing this week. I have found myself smiling and laughing more this week than i have in YEARS! Partly because of my healing experience, but also because I feel I have been focusing on God more each day – this focus allows the fruits of the Spirit to abound and overflow!
  • Fruits that need some focus and prayer:Patience (I have had issues with patience since childhood – I usually need prayers with this) and Self-Control (especially in regards to my morning and evening routines)
  • I feel that God told me during TAG this week that I have been given an amazingly HUGE gift of getting my life back. I feel in my heart that God is saying that it is time for me to get back on track in a variety of areas.
  • Priorities and goals I feel I lived by/pursued this week: Daily TAG (although not always in the morning – eek!), Keeping my eyes focused on God, Being Selective with the things I bring into my home as well as the thoughts I allow in my mind, Being eager and joyful – even in regards to housework, and getting back to exercising daily.
  • Priorities/goals I neglected and could use some prayer regarding: Evening devotionals and evening routine, Getting in bed on time (more of that evening routine 😉 ), and waking WITHOUT hitting that snooze button
  • What I learned about life, God, my family, and/or the people around me: This is not something new to me, but something I have learned before but somehow lost track of along the way — When GOD is FIRST, EVERYTHING else come more EASILY!

My Goals and Priorities for the Coming Week:

  • Waking without hitting the SNOOZE – especially on the weekends! We had no kids this weekend and I slept in til noon on Saturday and 10 on Sunday – this has got to go!
  • Evening routine with devotional time and getting to sleep on time (this also includes putting my phone down and stop playing with apps late into the night!)
  • Wake up at 5:30am for TAG – EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS! I really need to develop this routine. It will help with my daily sleeping and waking routine in the long run.
  • Follow my morning routine every day, including exercise. I had a good start with this this week, but I really need to improve in this area so my recovery can continue to progress. 🙂

Have a blessed week! I pray that the Lord blesses you this week as much as He has blessed me! (((hugs)))